Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual Property Theft is the illegal decomplilation, repurposing, wrapping, reverse engineering and distribution of GroupDocs's products. It is illegal because it breaks GroupDocs's license agreement and infringes on our copyright and intellectual property rights. 

Developers who have to work with stolen software can find themselves unable to get updates, fixes and support. They may also be using a product that has malicious code embedded within it. If GroupDocs prosecutes Intellectual Property theft cases, the perpetrator may be forced to remove products or even cease trading. This type of situation could cause genuine customers serious issues if they are using stolen products in production environments.

Intellectual Property Theft can be easy to spot:

  • Another vendors documentation or API looks very similar to the GroupDocs equivalent.
  • The output from a stolen product contains GroupDocs watermarks, metadata or expired Temporary License information.
  • The output from a stolen product looks identical to the equivalent output from a GroupDocs product.

Our end user license agreement is available online, you can refer to our plain English terms to check if a product is being used legally.

To report suspected Intellectual Property Theft, fill out the form below. To prove a case of theft, we need all the information you can supply us with. We'd appreciate it if you left contact details so that we can contact you if we need to ask more questions to before acting on your report.

Your details will never be disclosed.